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Poverty through disconnection

Our lives are revolved around people and our environment. We want and actually crave to stay connected. The social media, newspapers, radio, television, entertainment industry, schools, organizations, religions and governments all exist to keep people connected. We crave connectivity. It enhances our lives and most of the time brightens our day.

Being connected allows an individual to properly trade. Trading gives an individual the ability to get funding. Without funding we can’t survive. Connection leads to security and prosperity.

The most important connection that many people take for granted is the connection with family. Most of us need support. We can get support from friends, peers and organizations but there is nothing stronger than the support from family. However, a family can’t support us if we are disconnected. Vanity, greed and the unwillingness to apologize and forgive broke and keep families apart.

Try to be nice. Being nice is like having a magnet towards goodness, great relationships and opportunities to prosperity.

The security and prosperity of every creature on earth is based on the ability to bond and stay connected. Disconnection leads to so many negative results. Poverty and death (suicide and starvation) are the most prominent negative effects. Most people lose hope when they are disconnected. Nations and organizations fall apart when disconnection sets in.

Do not underestimate the power of a handshake, an eye-contact or a casual conversation. These are the building blocks of a powerful relationship. God created us. He did not create you to be alone. He created you to be with us. Anyone can climb out of the pit of poverty if he/she grabs onto the lifeline of relationships.

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Live like a child

Live like a child. A child does not think about death. A child looks forward to life.

A child is always longing to belong, to have friends and to be happy. A child craves to mature. So grow in prosperity and security. Be mature and embrace the meaning of maturity.

Do not live in fear of rejection. Share your happiness, prosperity and abundance. Be nice. Be kind. As you exit this corporeal life, leave something behind of yourself for posterity, for others to grow and learn from.

Since the creation of humans, children have always lived with a positive attitude. All over the world, children start with the same blessings. Children played. Children loved. Most of all they learned. Learning can be for the positive or the negative. The behavior of adults have an impact on the growth of the children. The bitterness and anger of the adults are easily passed on to the children. But the same is true about all the positive and good behavior. Somehow the negatives are always easier to learn. The children learned the material advantages of segregation, prejudice and deprivation. The educated adults feed the children’s minds with the idea of “the end of times” or “armageddon”. Then the cycle continues.

The greatest teacher of all said, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” There will always be good in humanity and there is always hope, because God blesses humanity with the innocence of children. Every generation is born with a clean slate. This is the cycle of life. This is humanity’s perpetual cycle of hope.

Let us not blame solely the new generation for their failures. We the old generation have our hands in the guilty pot. So, let us teach our children how to be nice and for those who have the talent to write or build, leave something good behind as a foundation for them to learn from. Because the future is not preordained and their choices will create their future.

As an adult you will face challenges, defeats, heartaches, betrayal, loneliness, rejection, and bullies who will do their best to deprive, cheat, insult and put you down. But close your eyes, let your mind focus and find that child in you and rise.

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