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Exploration is one of our most intriguing basic needs. We are instinctively curious of the unknown. We pursue it. We question our own existence, the universe and we even question the existence of God. At the end of every quest, we embark on another. For every answer, we tinker with another question.

We have dreams. We have goals. We always look at the horizon and beyond. We look at the stars and wonder what is up there. When we see caves, we instinctively want to explore inside. We want to sail the oceans and dive deep down to learn more. When volcanoes erupt or earthquakes shake our foundation, we want to know why. We just do not accept the storms or the wrath of mother nature. We study and always try to understand the cause of the chaos. We see the spark of lightning, it tickles our mind to find the source of that energy and maybe utilize it. Our minds wonder, we aspire, we have ambitions, we hope, always on a quest for a solution for any problem that comes along.

Rarely will anyone stay in one place. We are always on the move. So we explore.

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Our silence makes us better listeners. It allows us to better understand our surroundings. Chaos becomes more comprehensible when we are silent. However, this does not mean that we should not speak out our minds or express our opinions.

Nature and the universe speaks to us. It is not quiet. It speaks the truth. It is not boastful. Nature goes about its course and it does not allow anything to get in its way. It follows its natural path. Let us learn from nature.

Communication is imperative.

So why do many people quote this saying?: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.” Critics, competitors, those who do not understand, or those who do not want their opinions contradicted usually make this quote with the intention of demeaning the other person. However, there are the few times when this saying applies to pompous individuals.

If you know the truth and it needs to be expressed, do not hesitate. Speak out. You may not be a great public speaker or a charismatic person, but do not let this stop you. Do not let the critics put you down. Be like nature. Communicate the truth.

When it comes to children, allow them to express their minds and while doing so teach them the meaning of prudence. Do not suppress them and then take the chance of scarring them for life and making them introverts.

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We need to belong. We need interaction. We need cooperation. In order for us to interact, we need to communicate. In order for us to cooperate, we need to communicate. To achieve prosperity, we need to communicate. Whenever we are in need, we pray and we reach out to God and our long lost loved ones, we communicate. In order for humans to achieve any of the above, we must communicate.

Communication allows us to educate. What is the common denominator of every single poverty stricken family, village, town, municipality, city, county, province, region, state, or Country? It is the lack of access to an uncensored communication and a virtuous well rounded universal education. A well informed citizen via an unbridled communication system helps create a prosperous nation.

Communication bonds us with our alliances, with our friends and most of all our loved ones.  Do not take communication for granted. In order for us to learn from history, it must communicate with us through the writings, antiquities, remains and buildings of the past.

In order for us to foster better relationships, we need to communicate. Many times our thoughts words and deeds hurt others and in order to make amends, we need to communicate. Apology and forgiveness can’t be achieved without communication.



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Indifference: lack of interest, concern, or sympathy.

When you do not act, express your opinion or you are just quiet about a cruel, unjust, ruthless, biased, prejudiced, inhumane or heinous action of an individual, of a group or of the government, what impression do you give others about your attitude? Are you simply minding your own business? Are you one of those people who think that since it is not happening to you or that is is not affecting your family, then you will just let it be? Are you one of those who thinks that someone else is supposed to take care of that situation? Or are you one of those who thinks that their time will come and that the almighty will pass judgement on them? Are you one of those people who think that being tolerant will lead to peace?

INDIFFERENCE makes a human being weak. Indifference breaks down respect. Indifference is a great excuse for not being kind. Indifference allows an individual to be ungrateful. Indifference makes a person unapologetic. Indifference makes it difficult to forgive oneself and others.

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We make promises. God does not. Anything and everything that you want or could possibly want has already been provided and presented to you or laid out for you by God. You have to make your move to help yourself.

God does not threaten and promises you rewards for great behavior.

God is not about the eternal damnation or punishment in hell, and neither is he about the eternal reward of heaven. He is about accountability in terms of privileges. God is about serenity and love and the ever lasting opportunity to belong and be “more”. God simply wants us to live our eternal life (corporeal and spiritual), to love, to share, to prosper and to be happy.”

Just be nice and follow the principles and guidelines of universal stewardship.

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To Reincarnate: The soul takes on a new physical body and becomes a “sentient-intelligent-self aware” being.

One of God’s greatest gift is our ability to choose. It is our eternal FREEWILL.

When our corporeal form dies, our freewill does not fade away. Our souls do not die. So it begs the question to be asked; is the soul forbidden from returning into a corporeal state? Remember, there is freedom of choice, so no, it is not forbidden and yes, the souls of any sentient being may reincarnate and have another try at corporeal living. This is where the “old soul” becomes a reality.

Why choose to reincarnate? To accumulate instinctive inherited abilities and behaviors. When an old soul becomes corporeal again, only the accumulated instinctive memories are embedded in the corporeal body and the instinctive knowledge is also embedded in the genome. This explains inherited abilities and behaviors.

Every time a soul reincarnates it accumulates more instinctive knowledge. As a spirit, the soul retains all of its memories of all its lifetimes but as a living corporeal being it only retains the accumulation of the instinctive knowledge. Such as leadership quality, creativity, charisma, talents, natural abilities, ki energy control, loving, sharing, kindness, greed and selfishness. Hence, we are not on the same footing in the corporeal world. We all have the same potential but there are others who are just further ahead.

When souls reincarnate and there is misguidance from guardians or parents the child grows up to accumulate more negative instinctive knowledge. We re-incarnate into the corporeal world with the instinctive knowledge of who we were. We can get a little nicer or a little angrier. We accumulate more experiences but our fundamental instinctive nature improves very little at a time. Only those with already much accumulated “instinctive knowledge” can easily break away from the influences of guardians or parents.

History have records of men who were born of very little means yet rise up to greatness. We have read the stories of men such as: Moses, Buddha, Mohammad, Jesus Christ, Hitler, Alexander, Caesar, Genghis Khan, and other modern charismatic cult and corporate leaders. People will die for them. Even the vile and despicable who has been depicted as the fallen angel Lucifer (Satan) has multitudes of followers.

The power and greatness of each soul that comes back and be corporeal again depends on its closeness to the joining (instinctive knowledge and the soul). The accumulation of instinctive knowledge and more so of the “ki” which allows the corporeal being to connect or touch the eternal energy of the spirit world. The greatest of them all would be the one who would while still in the corporeal state can wield the power of the spirit world through “ki”.

Not all souls will decide to return. Others will simply choose not to. The return may not be to whence he was in his prior life. The corporeal destination is random for those who are not fully joined. He may go back into a different dimension, a different galaxy, a different occurrence, a different species of sentient being. Only the souls who have accumulated enough instinctive knowledge can choose their corporeal destinations. We are all the children of God, anyone of those who comes back may be more enlightened and can do “miraculous” deeds while in the corporeal state depending on how joined he is with the spirit world via his ki. One may come back to show us the path to prosperity of body mind and spirit, while another may come to lead us to the path of deprivation.

Every soul knows who God is, even those who have lived as non-believers or atheists.

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The hints

The Hints

I fly, I see, I drop hints
I hope
I swoop down and land
I pick the thorns, too many
I feel, I see their wounds, I cry

I fly, I see their route
I understand their way
I see their demise
I land to lend a hand
I cry, too vain

I fly, I drop more hints
I see one, he picks up
I see him trying to understand
I see him turn, I smile
I see hope, My heart fills with Joy

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You See, Hear, Taste, Smell, Touch, Suspect and you perceive (the “target”): the object, the being, the belief, the concept, or the event . This perception becomes part of your daily decision making. It plays a part in the choices you make. It becomes your past, your truth. Your perception of your surroundings molds you. Temper your perception with clarity.
Clarity will allow you to change your perceptions, to make changes in your life and lead you to enlightenment.

Your perception of the “target” belongs to you or to a group of people who shares that same perception. Your perception has no bearing on what or who the “target” is, what it represents or what it can do. You have no control. Only the creator (maker) knows. Until he shares that knowledge, you do not really know, you can only perceive.

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essence of time

Take the time to enjoy life.
Take the time to express your love to your loved ones.
Take the time to be Kind.

During my day to day activities, I do not even think about my breathing or the beating of my heart. So I take the time to feel the beat of my heart and experience the inhaling and exhaling.

I take the time to be aware that I have the gift of life. I feel it, so I can enjoy the flow of time.

I let the essentials of the universe flow through the funnel of the present time and let it drip to form the stalagmite of my foundation: the accumulation of my experiences, my past.

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The universe is an eternal creation of God. Not a multiverse or contracting or expanding universe. Just one infinitesimal universe. What has been observed by scientists as they see the expanding galaxies is simply the hour-glass effect. What scientist are observing is simply a minuscule portion of the universe that follows the effects of gravity.

All these clusters of galaxies as is currently being observed, is simply one “occurrence” which will finally succumb to gravity and will be sucked into this “black hole”, the center of the hour-glass, and as gravity accelerates all these galaxies through this convergence, it then shoots out the opposite side with such force as to create a “big bang” effect.

There is no contraction and expansion of the universe (occurrence), gravity simply pulls all of its content (galaxies) and all it’s forces on through to the other side. As all the galaxies from the extremities make it through the center, gravity starts pulling back. There is no end, it is an unending cycle. It is simply a continuance in this one “occurrence”.

Modern science call an occurrence the “universe”. Our perception of the universe as we see it today, is but a single occurrence. There are countless “occurrences” all throughout the universe. Scientists have estimated this one occurrence to be about 13.8 billion years old. How long before it goes on through to the other side? How many cycles has it been through already? These occurrences do not have a simultaneous behavior in their existence. One may be “emptying” while another may be “filling”. The “universe” that the scientists are talking and theorizing about is simply one of these countless occurrences within the infinitesimal UNIVERSE that God has created. The life of these occurrences continue to cycle over.

Each of these occurrences are separated by the vastness of space. This vast “emptiness” as science currently calls it, is not empty at all. The universe as God created it is “FULLY” occupied. It is full of energy and contrary to what scientist say, energy has mass and mass generates gravity. At the center of every mass is a gravity convergence.

Gravity sustains all over the universe, even in open space because energy travels though space and occupies everything and energy has mass. The universe is in perpetual motion and motion generates vibrations and vibrations generate energy.

This “emptiness” is what holds the universe together and it is entangled with the spirit domain where everything is connected and intertwined.

One day as we become proficient in the languages of the universe, we will master the randomness of the universe.

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