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I am alive and I am among the living. From birth to death I strive for my 12 basic needs. I strive to be happy while I am alive.

Why should I strive to follow the rules of religions to achieve eternal life with God when God did not create any religions. I strive to follow the rules of humanity and the principles of universal stewardship. Everyday I try to build good relationships that lead to happiness. I care. I am open. I respect and I do my best to understand. I do not maliciously deprive others. Everyday, I do my best to do something good for myself, others and the environment.

I do not spend anytime worshiping. Instead I pray that I will be able to stay calm in times of trouble and that my loved ones will do the same. I pray that I may be a good teacher so that the lessons I have learned in life can be passed on to the next generation. I pray that I will not capitalize on fear when I am teaching about the consequences of wrong doings. I pray that I will be better at communicating without offending the good.

Last Updated on June 1, 2022

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