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I am alive and I am among the living. From birth to death I strive for my 12 basic needs. I strive to be happy while I am alive.

I question the necessity of adhering to religious rules in pursuit of eternal life with a God who did not create any specific religions. Instead, I dedicate myself to upholding the values of humanity and embracing the principles of universal stewardship. Each day, I actively cultivate positive relationships that foster happiness. I demonstrate care, openness, respect, and a sincere effort to understand others. I consciously avoid causing harm or maliciously depriving others of their well-being. Every day, I make a genuine effort to do good for myself, others, and the environment.

Rather than engaging in worship, I choose to pray for inner calmness during times of difficulty and extend the same prayer to my loved ones. I pray for the ability to be an effective teacher, passing on the valuable lessons I have learned in life to the next generation. I pray that my teachings on the consequences of wrongful actions are rooted in compassion and understanding, without exploiting fear. I aspire to communicate in a way that avoids causing offense to those who are inherently good. And above all, I offer prayers of gratitude to God and all divine entities for their guidance and assistance in my journey.

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

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