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We will be accountable or answerable for all our thoughts, words, and deeds. Don’t be a bully. Teach the children to give respect and not simply to expect it. Teach them not to cheat, not to insult and not to deprive.

When at fault, learn to apologize. An apology can melt a heart of stone. While in this world, there are rules and laws that demand to be followed. Your obligation or responsibility becomes your covenant.  Disobedience of the rules and laws and your failure to comply with your covenant can lead to severe consequences or accountability.

Accountability is not simply for our corporeal life. We will also be accountable in the after life. Accountability does not simply apply to the negatives that we have done, it is also for the positive things in our life. Your good thoughts, words and deeds will be rewarded. Anytime you follow, lead or forge the path for the positive, good things will always happen to you.

How can I be accountable for my thoughts? I am not harming anyone, you conclude. I am just thinking about it, you say. Your random thoughts will eventually lead to a firmly held opinion or conviction. It becomes your belief, your cornerstone, your advocacy or your faith. These are the thoughts that you will be accountable for. Our accountability for our thoughts words and deeds are continuous. It did not stop and to be continued on to a later date for a judgement day. No. God never left us.

Through the generations and in many cultures there are sayings of “you reap what you sow”, “Karma”, “what goes around, comes around”.
The path we take here in this universe will be the path to our spiritual state.

Every moment through your journey in life, you create paths of “to and from”. Every time you reach for something (positive or negative), you create a permanent path or bridge back you. The Positive or Negative may travel those same paths that you have created in your life in either way.

When you come across an unavoidable situation, use prudence to work around it. If it requires inaction, then refrain but if you must act then do so rather than live to regret about it.

To hold someone accountable requires prudence whether it is for the accountability of what is good or bad. The law of the universe listens to “apology” and to our ability to forgive. Our inability to apologize or forgive will only create the same results for our actions. These are all about accountability.

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