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Abolish political parties

Every form of government creates politics. There will always be groups of people who will try to dominate and control the government because they think they can do the best for the people. These groups of people create political parties. Then they convince the general populace that only their members are most qualified to run for office. The #1 priority of each political party is for the financing or funding of their organization. To serve the people is only secondary. The candidate’s priority may be to serve the people but that is not the priority of the political parties.

There must be a national law  prohibiting a candidate to run for government office while representing an organization. He can be a member of any organization (his constitutional right) but he should be prohibited to represent that organization when running for office. All candidates running for office must represent themselves only (as an independent). He/she may get the legal campaign support from anyone.

Once a certain political party dominates the politics of the nation, that party is in full control. It is no longer the will on the elected official that rules, it is the will of the party that the politician belongs to that rules. Then the party manipulates the media or public opinion to keep their political champion as the hero of the nation or community. A political party campaigns hard and spends tons of money to get the support of the common people. However, when their champion gets elected, they behave just as any organization for profit does, everything is for the company. They only support products or activities that will win the support of the general populace. As an example: If saving the dog will create more political support vs saving the cat? Then save the dog. Saving both will only be a second thought.

An elected leader must serve his people via the government and not via his political party. A political party can’t survive without funding. A political party’s loyalty is to itself first and foremost, the world comes second. It must first feed itself. People are so brainwashed about the need of having a political party, that they are not even having second thoughts about the continuity and perpetuity of political parties. The political party even managed to print a suggestion of donating money to a party via the filing of taxes. That’s how conniving they are.

Last Updated on January 27, 2022

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